The Very First Hoverboard

The Very First Hoverboard

The Hendo Hoverboard gained popularity when it hosted a Kickstarter campaign where the parent company sold a grand total of 11 hoverboards for $10,000 each. This high cost was probably contributed by the technology behind the device which has been known for quite some time now but it had not been aligned to work to that effect of bringing a hoverboard forth. But the Hendo Hoverboard has succeeded to make a fascinating gadget using the hovering mechanism and the device seems to work as the team expected. Although it is not ready for personal use yet, the engineers behind it make progress every week to ensure they give the best to the market.

Imagine the feeling as you step onto the board and then it starts to levitate on its own. Through the four disk-shaped hover engines beneath it which makes a contrasting magnetic field in the surface substrate below, the device is able to lift itself off the ground. Additionally, the device is able to primarily self-propel but the mechanism used to maintain its equilibrium can also be used to move it forward by shifting the projected force on the surface under it and with the use of a remote control.

Presently, the surface substrate required should be a non-ferromagnetic conductor but the Hendo team has been working on finding a better conductor that will both maximize technology and reduce the cost of production. In the near future, the hoverboard will not even require special surface to be able to hover rather will be able to float effortlessly above various surfaces. This has always been a dream of every kid since the day they saw Marty Mcfly ride a levitating board in the films Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III from late 1980s and early 1990s respectively.

Though it has taken almost three decades for the hoverboard dream to be realize, these gadgets are finally here and have attracted a lot of attention from both the old and younger generation. People riding Hendo hoverboards are fast becoming a common scenario as more people get hold of this fantastic gadget that has the word ‘fun’ written all over it.

Although Hendo Hoverboards require a special surface to be operated, the company believes this won’t be the case in the future as users will be able to float above different surfaces with ease. This is exciting news especially for individuals who have always dreamt of floating hoverboards just like Mcfly in the 1990 movie. Hendo hoverboards just like any similar gadget needs to be charged regularly in order to fly above the special surface.
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