How to Use My Self-Balancing Electric Scooter Remote

How to Use My Self-Balancing Electric Scooter Remote

When that time comes to unbox your new gadget you don’t know what to expect. Depending on the type of self-balancing electric scooter you choose, what you will find in your packaging may vary but there must be a remote control key. It may be difficult to know how to use your remote especially when you are not so familiar with the buttons on it.

The remote has two buttons which ideally have four functions and can be used to turn the gadget off, lock/unlock it, enable beginner mode, and calibrate your device. Since the nature of various self-balancing electric scooters is different, some manufacturers add on more or less functionality on the remote that comes with your device therefore they may not all be similar. However we shall take the example of an IO Hawk but the instructions we shall use should be applicable to most self-balancing electric scooters. The board can only be turned on through the power button on the side of the device itself but can totally be turned off using the lock button on the upper side of the remote.

You also can lock the board by pressing the “unlock” button on the bottom of the remote mostly represented by an icon of an unlocked padlock. If you wish to unlock the device you press the same button again and the device unlocks. Therefore, the “unlock” key does both commands but you will notice the battery light turns red when locked, and green when unlocked. Locking the board means that the device is in a somewhat “standby” mode, but basically the only actual use for the lock mode is to get on the self-balancing electric scooter without falling especially for beginners. Other than that, the rider should go for turning the device off when not in use in order to save its battery life.

The remote also can be used to set the device on beginner mode. This mode sets the self-balancing electric scooter to a top speed of 3mph different from the regular 6.2mph. This gives a new rider a good chance to gain confidence while on the board. However, remember that not all self-balancing electric scooters have a beginner mode like the IO Hawk does. To enable the beginner mode, simply long press the unlock key for about 3 seconds and the IO symbol will turn green and do the same to disable the beginners mode.

At times the gyroscopes on your self-balancing electric scooter will get disorganized as to which direction to move next especially after crashing therefore it needs to be re-calibrated. You should get off your board and place it back on a flat surface, turn it on and then lock it by pressing the unlock button just once. As soon as the battery symbol on top of your board turns red, press and hold both the lock and unlock keys at the same time and the device will beep and turn the battery symbol orange along with the IO symbol which will flash.

By using this guide provided to you by Imotion Board, we’re assured that you’ll be enjoying your new self-balancing electric scooter in less than 5 minutes.

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