The Phunkeeduck the Next Phase in Personal Transportation

The Phunkeeduck the Next Phase in Personal Transportation

The PhunkeeDuck is going to transform the way people travel and interact with the world around them. The skateboard-like gadget with a speed of 12 mph, allows users to maneuver around by merely navigating it with their feet. Walking could be a thing of the past with this revolutionary gadget. These device is really the new way of transportation for people in the urban and suburban living.

The product and consequently the PhunkeeDuck Company were created at the start of 2015 by co-founders Matt Waxman and Maxx Yellin. The duo had formerly started another company called PhunkeeTree, a New York-based company that began with focus on tech accessory products. The PhunkeTree repackaged and re-branded phone cases and chargers on behalf of stores like Nordstrom and Forever 21. By late last year, the two came across a company with the idea of a transportation device, they attended the Hong Kong Electronics Show, to talk over with their current suppliers to figure out what new they could add to their collection of chargers, cases, and cables and they chose to customize their own version of the transportation gadget.

In the first version, customizing the gadget consists of putting PhunkeeDuck stickers on the board and its box. Thereafter, they may transform the gadget in more substantial designs and techniques. Currently, the device goes for about $1,499.99 and people love it because it’s cool yet affordable. Additionally, the gadget weighs only 18 lbs. according to the PhunkeeDuck website. When the device is fully charged, the Phunkeeduck will transport anybody who is below 300 lbs. body weight for about 10 miles.

The device is easy to learn, easy to carry around as you can get a carrying bag for only $40 and perfect for personal transportation. It has become the spanking new way of getting around gaining its social media popularity from celebrities like J.R Smith who showed up to this years NBA Finals in a cool, unique fashion by riding on the PhunkeeDuck.

The device is quite simple to learn and use since all the user has to do is step on it, lean forward a little bit to move the device forward, lean backwards for a back ward movement, to sop or to pause the gadget. This may sound outrageous, but it’s actually a lot of fun because it gives the rider a feeling that he cannot get when walking. Other features of this trendy device include, carrying a maximum load of 120 kg, can move for between 20- 30 km in only an hour, it comes with a Samsung Li-ion battery 36v, 4.4 AH, its dimensions are 580 x 200 x 180 mm and a tire size of is 17 cm.

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