Safety Precautions to Take When Riding the Brand New Cyboard

Safety Precautions to Take When Riding the Brand New Cyboard

Gadgets have not only made our lives a lot easier but also more productive. However with their numerous benefits also comes some risks hence it is extremely important to take safety measures when using them. It is highly advised that you read and follow any the following safety precautions provided on their user manuals because failure to do so may lead to damage to your device, nullify your warranty, lead to damage or cause serious bodily injury.

To begin with, when riding on any electric scooter particularly the CyBoard, the most important thing to remember is to wear appropriate protective gear before operating it and ensure you wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes. Before stepping on it, make sure your gadget is placed flat on level ground, the power is on, and the Indicator light is green and not red. Red means that the device is almost out of power. Additionally, don’t ride your CyBoard on curbs, ramps, Skate Park, empty pool, or pull any stunts or tricks comparable to a skateboard or scooter because it is not either of them.

When turning, avoid doing sharp bends especially when you’re on high speed and on uneven pavements, lift your CyBoard over and past the obstruction. Alternatively, bend your knees to absorb the shock and vibration which will help keep your balance. Similarly, you shouldn’t attempt to ride your CyBoard over bumps, cracks or objects that are more than ½ inch wide, climb or travel down steep hills as the device may not be able to handle the distance of uneven ground.

Keen attention is key when riding the CyBoard hence it is also recommended that you don’t repetitively spin in place as this will cause dizziness and you will fall off the board and injure yourself. Also you should make sure you’re always aware of the surrounding, condition of the road and the people or objects around you to avoid any accidents. This is why you shouldn’t ride your CyBoard near motor vehicles or in public roads as it may cause injuries not only to you but to the people around you. Keep in mind that when riding the CyBoard you’re 11cm taller so you should go through doorways cautiously to avoid hitting your head.

The CyBoard has a weight limit of a maximum of 290lbs. which means that a person over that weight limit shouldn’t attempt to operate the device. Therefore the device can handle only one person and not two or more or even when you’re carrying heavy load when riding. Individuals who lack balance shouldn’t attempt to operate the CyBoard because they may fall off.

At Imotion Board, we ensure that you’re able to follow all required safety precautions by making sure that your CyBoard comes with a user manual that will help you use your device safely and responsibly. If you have any questions and/or concerns, or if you want more information on the safety guidelines to take when riding your new CyBoard, please feel free to contact us by visit our website or our social media fan pages to enjoy your CyBoard experience.

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