The Cyboard Smart Scooter

The Cyboard Smart Scooter

The next rise in personal transportation and the newest holiday gift for you and your loved ones this festive season is the CyBoard self-balancing scooter. This device has become quite popular among the celebrities and since it goes for about $699 only, there is no reason why you should walk when you can ride the amazing CyBoard. Additionally, it is a rechargeable battery- powered device that takes about 60 to 120 minutes to fully charge.

The cyBoard is a very simple gadget to use since all the user is required to do to step right up and the device has senses that will enable it to start working. Essentially, one will only need about 10-15 minutes to get comfortable and soon learn how to use the device so just a little practice is requires and the rider is set for the road. The gadget can go for about 9-12 miles on a single full charge without requiring to be recharged and at a speed of up to 6mph. The maximum distance however depends on the body weight placed on it which should be a maximum of 290 lbs., the terrain which you’re riding on or the condition of weather in which you will ride the device. Nevertheless, the device uses a smart technology to recharge as you go downhill so doesn’t lose a lot of charge as you ride along varying ground levels.

The terrain can also affect the speed you will be able to move on but the device can pretty much be used on a flat surface; side-walks, carpets or a street walk. Furthermore the CyBoard can withstand small splashes of rain wind or sand hence is suitable for not so harsh weather conditions. The device can endure bumps and curbs as well due to its inclining ability to up to 20 degrees. The warranty for the device is 90 days against manufacturing defects but any damages due to negligence like deliberately getting it wet or improper use can nullify the warranty.

The CyBoard is also extremely quiet when in motion, has a fast turn response time which gives it a comfortable gyroscopic feel, instantaneously intuitive and responsive to every movement the rider makes, and has just the right absorption for vertical impacts like when going over bumps.

At Imotion Board we provide the CyBoard at an affordable price and on ordering you get a lithium battery charger that you can use when your device runs out of power. The CyBoard can basically be used either for pleasure or to work or just to commute for short distances like if you work in a warehouse or are in college then this device could be exactly what you have been looking for.

You can be the first of your friends to step onto the future of personal transport with the innovative original CyBoard from Imotion Board. It is available in both black and white depending on your taste. We hope you will enjoy the amazing new self-balancing CyBoard.

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