A word from our CEO

There’s a lot of media coverage about exploding hoverboards recently, and iMotion Boards would like you the prospective buyers to know about the safety and quality placed into the manufacturing of iMotion Boards.   uscoot-samsung-battery-pack_large

  1. The incidents we’ve seen all have to do with the cheap batteries.  Our Smart Drifting Scooters come with a quality-rated Samsung Lithium-ion, 36V, 4.4A batteries that are charged with a wall charging unit.
  2. Like all components, the batteries have a definite range in quality.  One way to cut down on the production costs of the hover-boards is to use lower-grade batteries, we do not.
  3. iMotion Boards comes with a one-year (1) warranty on manufacturing defects.  If there is ever a problem with the any of the components, we will repair it for free.
  4. iMotion Boards have been on the market for over a 1 ½ years and we have not had any issues with defective parts.  This is not a coincidence.  Using high-quality components and testing each product is “important to us” and “to our customers”.
  5. Price is usually a good indicator of value.  A warranty may not seem like it adds any value until you need it.  In order to offer a warranty, companies must have confidence that their products will perform.  iMotion Board is confident that our products will perform because we know what is going into them and how they are made and tested. We ride them every day.

iMotion Boards are well-made and incredibly fun to ride. Our Smart Drifting Scooters have been compared to others, and often the response is “I can’t tell the difference.  I’ll just buy the cheaper one.”  The differences are all on the inside.

iMotion Board has been in business longer than almost any of the other companies selling hoverboards, and we intend to continue to provide high quality products at a reasonable cost for a long, long time.

If you want a high quality Smart Drifting Scooter at a good price, go with iMotion Boards!