The Skywalker Scooter for Your Child

The Skywalker Scooter for Your Child

Every child looks forward to the festive season because they want to open the gift boxes under their Christmas and see what Santa brought for them. Imagine the look on the face of your child, niece or nephew when they open their gifts and a skywalker scooter is among the toys they got this year for Christmas. Skywalker USA probably thought of this when they came up with the skywalker mini fit for children of 2-10 years to join in the fun of having their own personal transporter gadget.

Now you may not know what exactly that child will be dreaming about when they talk of the self-balancing scooters but there is nothing to worry about since the skywalker mini comes in various colors you can choose from; red, white blue or green. Additionally, the device only goes for only $360 and is adorably and stylishly made to fit the needs of your child. It has a dimension of 450x 170x 140 mm and weighs 5kgs only which makes it very compact and light for your baby to carry around as they use it in the park or playing with friends around the house.

The distance between the ground and the device is 120 mm which means the child can climb and get off the device without requiring any assistance. However, you may want to ensure that they have protective gear each time they ride the skywalker mini to make sure they don’t fall and hurt themselves. The skywalker scooter mini can go for a speed of up to 10km/h but adults should ensure their kids don’t operate on maximum speed unless you’re sure they will not lose balance when riding the device.

Moreover, the skywalker mini can carry a maximum of 60kg hence children on the age bracket of 2-10 are able to ride it with ease. It is fitted with a lithium battery which uses big brand cells that makes it rechargeable after use. In the same way it is the responsibility of the adults to charge the gadget on behalf of the child and keep them as far away from electrical power as possible.

The Skywalker mini has a maximum climbing ability of 15 degrees which makes it suitable for riding on various terrains even on grass at the park and also ensures that your child doesn’t fall when they encounter a bump or crack on the surface. However before your child is able to ride the device without adult supervision, they should practice on a flat surface like inside the house or on the driveway.

The device is certified by CE and ROHS and FCC which means that the skywalker mini scooter is approved for use in the US, it complies with European requirements and that the device is not made of any hazardous chemicals that could be harmful to your child.

If you’re able to get yourself the skywalker scooter that is more advanced, then your child should be able to enjoy theirs too else they will always want to ride yours which is not safe for them. You can easily purchase the skywalker Scooter from for both you and your child.

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