The Lexus Hoverboard; How It Works

The Lexus Hoverboard; How It Works

Slide, the name that has been given to this amazing gadget has gained a lot of popularity after lexus launched it early this year. This new hoverboard has been a dream for quite some time now from the Back to the Future II but Lexus has stylishly been able to improve the perception that existed to come up with the Slide. Back in the movie this device was nothing but fiction but Lexus has managed to get the idea of a hoverboard to actualize and it’s no longer fiction but science.

The idea behind the slide is quite skeptical yet exciting. The device relies on superconductors and magnets which work together to resist the force of gravity hence lifting the board. This technique is quite similar to the Hendo hoverboard but only that Lexus use a superconductor which creates a different type of magnetic field while with Hendo, they use a plan ‘ol conductor.
The Lexus hoverboard essentially uses the technique of passing a magnetic field near the superconductor which in turn induces current to the superconductor then its own magnetic field on the other side of the superconductor. This creates current flow but because it uses superconductors, the current doesn’t die away. By doing this, the device doesn’t necessarily require wavering magnetic fields to help it navigate. The device can work by having a magnet that drifts up above the superconductor or the other way around, the superconductor drifting up over the magnet.

Furthermore, the magnets and the superconductors are cooled off by liquid nitrogen which has been a known concept over the years but actualizing it requires plenty of effort which Lexus has managed to achieve. The liquid nitrogen refills after about every 10 minutes to prevent the device from dragging on the ground from time to time. This may seem a little technical but the devices effects are quite amazing to watch. Imagine having the luxury of using such a device that is not a skateboard but it almost magically hovers to elevate you inches of the ground.
The device is not yet in stores but it will surely be one of the most fascinating gadgets to own due to its ability to suspend in midair. Moreover, it’s not difficult to ride as the owner doesn’t require their hands but only carefully stepping on it, just like you would with your normal skateboard and the device starts to hover around. Professional Skateboarder Ross McGouran has tried it and so should you when you get the chance. To use the magnetic field technique one would require to have a metal track hence pavements or walkways won’t work with the slide Hoverboard hence there is still a long way to go before we get this device in the stores.

As soon as the Lexus Hoveboard is available in the market Imotion Board will surely have to bring it to you. And just like Lexus were able to create a temporary skate park in Barcelona we are sure they will have solution for you and me in the near future so that we are able to hover on their amazing hoverboard.

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