The Latest Skywalker Scooter

The Latest Skywalker Scooter

2015 has been a brilliant year for the personal transport industry and the developments get better by the day. We have seen the invention of numerous self-balancing electric scooters and Skywalker USA has also taken a part in all this by coming up with the Skywalker scooter. Recently, Skywalker invented the Skywalker X which is an upgrade to the usual Skywalker comes in a chic design suitable for you or your loved ones.

One has an option of choosing from an array of customized colors including black, blue, or white. The device also comes with and without Bluetooth 4.0 which is optional. The Skywalker X goes for $999 which is quite a reasonable price as compared to the other self-balancing electric scooters in the market. If compared to the other Skywalker scooters, the Skywalker x is not very different because it has a dimension of 22inches x 7 inches x 7inches hence weighs a total of 18 lbs. which makes it easily portable. The dimensions also make it very compact hence does not require any parking space whatsoever just like the other self-balancing electric scooters.

The Skywalker X can carry a load of up to 300lbs and can be ridden for a maximum of 10mph speed. It is fitted with an original Samsung lithium-ion battery of capacity 36v 4.4AH which enables it to fully charge for about 1 to 1.5 hours. When the device is fully charged, it can go over 10 miles which is about 6 hours before it requires recharging. It also comes with a smart battery system which detects the batteries temperature enabling the device to stop working in the event that the battery overheats. The Skywalker X also has a power display which can be clearly seen to help the user observe the power as they ride.

All the new material used to make the Skywalker X including the buttons are waterproof making the device easier to use in the rain or where there’re slight splashes of water. The body is also made of light material but very solid to avoid deformation on the device. Additionally, the device can climb 30 degrees which makes it suitable for various terrains.

The technique of riding the device is no different from the other gadgets which is; to lean forward for forward movement or backwards for backward movement, to stop or break. However, the device has 2 3D gyroscopic, 2 gravity accelerometer which makes the rotation angle of the device closely intact with the rider’s body rotation. Furthermore, the Skywalker X monitors the motor speed to power effective compensation in real-time when the device is turning which makes it easier to turn. This motor is also mute which allows you to ride the device quietly and smoothly.

Imotion Board assures you of such state of the art devices that will offer you value for your money. You can never go wrong by purchasing the new and improved Skywalker X which comes in an attractive packaging and its own remote control.

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