The Do’s And Don’ts of the Glidr Personal Transporter

The Do’s And Don’ts of the Glidr Personal Transporter

Without clear guidelines and knowledge on how to go about using your new glidr, one might find it difficult to get comfortable with it. One of the important missions at Imotion Board is to ensure the safety of our customers hence we work vigilantly on behalf of our customers by ensuring that our products are original and well fitted for your needs. In addition, we provide the resources for our customers and the necessary information and products to help them prevent accidental injuries while gliding.

First and foremost, ensure that you’re operating on a flat surface and your gadget is fully charged else you should try as much not to activate it before then. Charging your battery full to capacity before using it will ensure that your battery lasts longer and doesn’t wear out quickly before its full life. Then when getting on the glidr, ensure your foot is centered to the foot pad because the gadget is fitted with sensors that detect the slightest movement when weight is put on the device. The sensors adjust to create an equilibrium hence observing your movements spontaneously as soon as you step on the foot pad.

Until you can ride your glidr carefully without having to support yourself, ensure that you practice on a flat surface with no obstacles and try as much to wear protective gear like a helmet or a knee pad as you practice. Also a factor to consider for safety is the body weight of the rider. The glidr can only support a minimum of 44 lbs. and a maximum of 220lbs so anyone below or above that should not use the device as it could cause injury or damage to the glidr. Make sure that your main focus is on the gliding and nothing else because the device is highly sensitive to movement. You should not listen to music or use your phone when gliding as you lose visual front view when riding.
Keep a safe speed of 1-6 mph in as much as the devices maximum speed is 10mph. Maintaining a good speed will ensure that you’re able to break or stop where need be. It will also ensure that you’re able to take corners when you want because the device shouldn’t stop suddenly else the balance will be lost.Do not glide on slippery surfaces or steep slopes to ensure that you don’t accelerate your speed unexpectedly. However, the device is able to detect slopes through its intelligence chip and the turning force of the device adjusts spontaneously adjusts the motor to ensure the riders safety.

Please note that it is safer not to ride your glidr under the influence of alcohol or any other substance because maximum concentration is required when gliding. Also consider the height of the area you are riding on to avoid getting hit on your head. If you wish to find out more about the safety measures to take when riding on your new glidr, do not hesitate to talk to our team through our social media accounts.

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