Move In Style with the Modern Glider Board

Move In Style with the Modern Glider Board

There’s no greater feeling than cruising down the streets on your new glider board and the only thing you hear is the wind blowing in the air. The new Glider boards seem to move smoothly down the streets effortlessly and has now been welcomed amongst most people. It is an electrically powered scooter that uses advanced technology to maintain the riders balance when gliding.

So far, we have seen a revolution in the personal transport industry but the Glider Board is definitely a distinctive and attractive device. When using the device, standing still, gliding forward or simply turning from side to side using the device is easier as compared to walking. The device is very easy to get acquainted with because all the rider needs to do is incline your feet in the direction you intend on moving towards and the glider board will get you there.

The gadget takes about 1-2 hour charging time for its battery and when fully charged can take the rider for about 8-12 miles per charge before it requires to be recharged. It comes with two indicators on the top; the battery and power indicator. The battery indicator turns green when the battery is fully charged and turn red when the battery starts to lose its power hence the rider is aware of when to recharge the gadget. The device makes a beeping sound and flashes the power button when it is turned on. Additionally, the glider board is fitted with two lights that indicate which direction the user is moving in.

When getting on the device it is easier to step on with both feet sequentially one foot after the other to avoid falling then incline forward or backward depending on the direction you want to move in. The device is fitted with sensors that will quickly sense the motion and start moving almost immediately. If you hesitate to step on with one foot after the other, the device may turn on you because it is already initiated movement but is unsure of the direction you wish to move it on.

The glider board can cover a speed of up to 6.5mph depending on the terrain the rider is gliding on. Furthermore, the device is able to ride through various terrains and climb a slope up to 30 degrees. It can carry up to 220lbs of weight and can be easily carried itself by the rider because it only weighs 22lbs and comes with a carrying bag as well. The device also comes with its own charger, an antitheft key lock and hollow inflatable tires with a 10 year motor warranty.

Whatever your reason may be for choosing to purchase this gadget whether for transport or fun, Imotion board has got you covered. We shall offer you the best there is in the market and guarantee you of the quality in our product. Our glider boards are exceptionally standard and are offered at very reasonable prices. We are certain that as soon as you set your feet to ride this amazing gadget you will be addicted to it. Remember to visit our social media accounts as well for the latest posts on the glider board.

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