The New Sensational IO Hawk

The New Sensational IO Hawk

You must have come across the new sensational IO Hawk, the celebrity’s favorite gadget that is blowing all over social media. You can’t actually talk about self-balancing scooters without bringing up the IO Hawk. It is the new model that mainly hit the mass media earlier this year when it was showcased at the International CES 2015. Social media fans all over were talking about the IO Hawk and many celebrities ended up taking that to their advantage by owning one. If you take a look on YouTube or Instagram you’ll definitely find pictures and videos of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Wiz Khalifa riding theirs in style.

However, finding the best model can be difficult because they come in different brands and in different prices. Imotion Board is an online shop that enables you to go through the various features that this gadget will offer you. Although it’s one of the most recognized of these devices it unfortunately is the most expensive. This is because it may be of better quality than the other scooters so it is undoubtedly a bargain if you have the money and if brand name is important to you. But if budget is a concern then one of the cheaper ones might be better for you.

The IO Hawk is powered by batteries that takes about 3 hours to fully charge, motors and by the use of slight pressure from the rider’s feet to guide it on the direction you would like it to move in. It actually takes around 3-5 minutes for beginners to learn how to use this gadget. The rider is simply supposed to shift their balance and the device subsequently responds and moves in that specific direction; how cool is that? Furthermore, the device can travel up to a speed of 6mph and has Led lights fitted behind the base that add an eye-catching cool effect as the rider glides along.

Currently the device comes in a variety of colors including red, white, black and yellow that way you can make a decision based on your specific taste and preference. Additionally, the device can support up to 280 pounds of body weight meaning that anyone below that can ride on it. The gadget can also handle different terrains and conditions including dust and slight splashes of water hence can move in the rain. However, it is not advisable to use it in puddles or over cracks that are more than half an inch wide.

It is available for pre-order on Imotion Board website. Despite the fact that it costs around $1800 on the original company’s website, the company holds the hope to get the price down soon so that subsequent shops can provide it at a lower price. The important factor to remember is that the IO Hawk was intended for people of all ages to develop and enhance their personal mobility and if you’re that person who doesn’t really mind the price, the IO Hawk is the gadget for you this season.

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