Monthly Archives: November 2015

What is the Excitement Behind Hoverboards

Remember, Marty Mcfly riding a hoverboard in the movie ‘Back to the Future Part II’ almost 30 years ago. If you remember, then you are one of the numerous kids who went to bed dreaming of one day possessing a real hoverboard that can actually hover. Well, it may have taken almost three decades but hoverboards are actually here and they are real. 2015 is seen as the year when riding hoverboards was realized with numerous brands coming out [...]

The Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Walking can be an option with the new advancement in technology and you can now cruise in style. Everyone wants to travel in elegance and look cool as they do it. With the invention of hover boards came the innovation of better devices to move you from point A to B without having to move a muscle. All you need to do is walk into a store or go through a website to find and make a selection on [...]

The Beauty of the New Mini Segway

Deliberating on whether you should buy the new mini Segway can be a tough decision especially when you’re a new user to this kind of transport gadget. You may be caught up in the dilemma of knowing which features are best and which ones you should go for not forgetting that cost of the device also matters. With the ongoing development to make this device a success, there are certain different features on each depending on the manufacturer. The most [...]

The Amazing Features of an IO Hawk Segway

Who wants to walk when there is a gadget that will enable you to move smoothly without having to involve any effort? There is no greater feeling than having a mode of transport that enables you to get where you want in good time hustle free. Recently introduced to the personal transport market is the IO Hawk, which is an advancement of the scooter and skate board. This gadget is astonishingly beneficial because it comes in an incredibly small compact [...]

What You Need To Know About a Two Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter

The popularity of the two wheels self-balancing electric scooter is increasing by the day and there is a strong indication that this scooter will be common in your neighborhood once everyone gets hold of it. Since it hit the market, this electric scooter has gained a wide following that include teens as well as grown-ups. Rarely has a gadget hit the market and quickly attracted that much interest from both young adults and grown-ups. There is a feeling of [...]